“March for Tibet” on Feb 22nd, 2012

February 11th, 2012 by TAW Reporter

February 22, 2012
8:00 amto11:00 pm


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Message from TAW President:

Situation in our Fatherland, Tibet, is sad.  Sad that so many innocent lives are lost but we are proud of our brothers and sisters who have made ultimate sacrifice by self-immolation and others who are able to stand up and face the barrel of Chinese gun without flinching.  We, Tibetans living in free world, cannot remailosarn silent spectator and it would be shame to do so while our fellow Tibetans are burning in Tibet.  Tibet is not yet free so being part of Free Tibet is not entitlement by just being Tibetan but we have to earn it.   We have to earn it by participating in the freedom struggle.  It might cost you in ways of lost wage for the day if you are out of vacation time or it might affect your reputation as best employee but if you yearn for free Tibet and earn your place there, it should be small sacrifice you are willing to make.

It should be just the announcement of venue and time for everyone to show up but it has become habit of needing repeated request to stoke the fire of patriotism  therefore once again I would like to request all Tibetans and supporters to participate in “March for Tibet” rally organized by TAW & RTYC on Losar day, February 22nd.

As our brothers & sisters in Tibet fight against Chinese occupation, it is our responsibility to galvanize international support for Tibet’s struggle.  Every small effort that we do will not only bring awareness on issue of Tibet but will also send strong message of solidarity with our brethren in Tibet and give them moral support.

February 22 is not only our Losar day but also falls on Lhakar so I want to request everyone to wear traditional dress.


February 22nd:
9:30am         Prayer service at Gompa
10:45am       Sangsol outside Gompa (NW 83rd St.)
11am           Scarf offering for H.H the Dalai Lama and Sakya
                   Dagchen Rimpoche..
11:10           Advice/Speech by Avi Rimpoche
11:30           March for Tibet (peaceful walk will start from Gompa to Downtown Seattle via 15th Ave and Ballard Bridge)
2pm-5pm:    We will ather at Westlake mall.  Protest and prayer.==================================================================

Update: “Self-immolations in Tibet” lecture by JIGME UGEN on Sat 25th has been cancelled.

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