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Late Losang Thonden la’s prayer service at Sakya Monastery on 11/24/2018

Losang Thonden la has spent his entire life in the service of Tibetan Community. He first served the Tibetan Government in Exile in the department of education in early 1970s. He was one of the key figures in organizing first Tibetan Education Conference in 1973. He later joined the Library of Tibetan Work and Archives. He had successfully carried forward his primary interest in Tibetan literary and calligraphy. With a heavy heart we inform on behalf of TAW that Mr. Losang Thonden la, husband of Dekyi Thonden Gyalkhang passed away yesterday. Here is a brief profile of his life and...

Tibetan Youth Congress North America Speaking Tour

General Secretary and Cultural Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress Centrex is going to speak on: “Tibetan Struggle and Tibetan Youth Congress.” Followed by question and answer on the topic. Every Tibetan living in Seattle are requested to participate in the public talk. Venue is at Sakya Monastery, 108 NW 83rd St, Seattle, WA 98117. Dec 1st 2018, Saturday, 3pm.

Tibetan Language and Cultural Class Annual Benefit dinner

Tibetan Language and Culture Class’s mission is to help our children stay connected to our history and traditions by learning the language and culture. We have no regular source of income and are a volunteer organization. We depend on our Annual Benefit Dinner as our primary source of income. Please join us for memorable night of dining, cultural performances, bidding and most importantly supporting a great mission. Event Details: Nov 3rd, from 6pm to 10pm Location: North Seattle Community College (South/Cafeteria Entrace) Tickets: Please contact via Facebook or email at Adults: $50.00, Children(10 and under): $15.00, Infants in Arms:...