Former political Prisoner Palden Gyatso la passed away

One of the most well known former Tibetan political prisoner and activist has passed away at the Delek Hospital in Dharamshala at 7:10 am local time on (November 30, 2018). He was 87 years old.

Gyatso who spent 33 years in Chinese prison and concentration camps in occupied Tibet said earlier that he was suffering from weakness and liver-related complications since the last few months. The veteran figure in the Tibetan movement was suffering from liver cancer, Phayul has learned.

“I am happy and blessed to have lived this long. I was blessed in prison as well when I almost starved to death but survived unlike many of my friends who died in front of me,” he told Phayul two weeks ago.
Below are some pictures from Late Paldan Gyatso la’s visit here Wasington State in 2011.

Below is a History of Palden Gyatso la on Wiki.