Let’s Talk in Tibetan-an online contest hosted by The Tibet Fund in partnership with the Office of Tibet, Washington, DC.

Let’s Talk in Tibetan is an online contest hosted by The Tibet Fund in partnership with the Office of Tibet, Washington, DC inviting all young Tibetans ages 6 to 18 residing in North America to showcase their Tibetan language skills and fluency. The preservation of the Tibetan language among the young generation in the diaspora community is important to keep alive the Tibetan identity and culture. The contest involves the participants to record a 3-4 minute casual conversation in Tibetan with an adult or parent and upload to YouTube. The contest will be evaluated on content, clear pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency and expression.

Competition information and eligibility:  To enter the contest, students must be ages 6 to 18 and resided in North America since 2011.  There are two age categories: Ages 6 to 12 and Ages 13 to 18.  Participants must first complete the online application form by April 16, 2018. Please access the application form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc4eZ4q9KEYznLpXkeM2jNoxWpTEHeKEzbMQbe76 JsABmGXKQ/viewform?usp=sf_link.  After submitting the online application form, we will email each registered participant with the instructions on how to prepare for the contest.  On May 1, 2018, students can begin to submit their 3-4 minutes long Tibetan conversation videos. You will have two weeks to record and submit the video before the deadline May 14, 2018.  In the video, the applicants must introduce themselves at the beginning of the video. Example of introduction: “My name is Tenzin and I live in Toronto, Canada”  Video and audio has to be high quality so judges can clearly see and listen to the applicant.  Upload your YouTube video link by May 14, 2018. Further instructions will be provided after registration. No videos will be accepted after 11:59pm  A Panel of three judges will evaluate and judge the online contest videos. Prizes:  The top 10 orators will receive $200 each. 5 students will be chosen from each age category.  $1000 reward for recommender organization with more than one participant are selected in the top 10 and $100 reward for individual recommender with more than one participant in top 10.  An e-Certificate will be issued to all students for participation.  Final award will be announced on June 4, 2018.

For more information please visit www.tibetfund.org Email at rigiphilip@tibetfund.org Call at 212-213-5011