Norling Project

Norling Project has been a dream of the Tibetan Association of Washington and the local Tibetans for many years.  It is a project to build a Community Center for the preservation and promotion of our unique Tibetan culture.  The founders of the Association and the younger community leaders through the decades have all strived to realize the same dream.  As the local Tibetan community is growing in the Greater Seattle area, the need for a Community Center is also growing.

The Community Center will serve as a platform for local Tibetans and Buddhists to learn about Tibetan culture, language, history and religion. The Center will also be used as a place for them to hold important religious & cultural events, educational seminars & workshops, and social events.

Why we need it?reli

Religious & Cultural Festivities …

A place for the Buddhist community to hold Buddhist festivities & prayers, and where spiritual masters and scholars can provide teachings and blessings to people from all backgrounds.

Educational Activities …edu

A place for Tibetan Culture School to help its students learn not only Tibetan language, history, religion and cultural heritage but instill in them basic values of love and compassion. A place to teach our younger generations principles of universal responsibility in order to help them make positive contributions in the world.

Community Gatherings …com

A place for people to connect with each other, participate in social activities, share their knowledge and wisdom to the younger generations while getting involved in many important community activities.


How you can you help us?

Click here to download the pledge form and mail it to us or contact us through our email:

Our Achievements …

The Tibetan Association of Washington founded in 1992, is a non-profit organization committed to preserve and promote the unique Tibetan Cultural tradition and to serve the general community. For many years TAW has and continues to provide academic scholarships to local Tibetan students, food drives for the homeless in Seattle and donation support to the elderly Tibetan communities in India and Nepal. TAW continues to support educational and cultural classes for Tibetan Children, community participation and display of our culture at the Annual SeaFair Parade. In addition, TAW has organized the Tibet Festival at Seattle Center for the past 19 years and coordinates prayer and religious gatherings around the North West.