Tibetan West-Coast Trungkar Basketball Tournament

The Basketball Tournament this year includes a Junior Co-ed Tournament as well. Please see below for details, rules and additional info. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to print out a team registration form. Deadline May 31.

Contact – tenzing.tsognyi@gmail.com to register your team and/or for any questions.

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The spirit of the games will first and foremost be all about competition and also having fun with our fellow Tibetan brothers and sisters.  We all know the general rules of basketball but here is some clarification on the finer details.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE – we will have a maximum of 12 teams, depending on demand, we may limit the number of teams from any one particular city.

COST – The entry will be $250 per team.

  • Payment will be made by _May 31st____


  • Show respect for all players and officials (accept the call)
  • Avoid offensive gestures or language

PRIZE – We will have a championship trophy and medals for just the winners.

Teams must make every effort to arrive to game on time.  We only have so much gym time and games must start on time for this to work.  If the schedule is pushed back, it may result in shorter warm up time (pre-game).

For the “league play” portion of the games, we will play (time allowing) 12-15 minute running clock halves with the clock stopping the last 2 minutes of each half.

After league play, a certain number of teams (most likely 4) will qualify for a single elimination round.  For this stage, we will play (time allowing) 15-20 minute running clock halves with the clock stopping the last 2 minutes of each half.

Fouls – on a best efforts basis

  • keep track of fouls (5 fouls and out)
  • college rules for bonus and double bonus
  • Technicals (college rules)

Timeouts (will be approx 1 minute long)

  • For League games – 1 timeout per half (no carrying over)
  • For Elimination games – 3 timeouts total (max 2 per half)

Team Information –

  • Number of players – maximum of 12 (including coach)
  • Teams will be allowed to submit final roster till 30 minutes before first game.  This WILL BE the final roster for remainder of tournament and no names can be added at any point.  For clarification – a player may be on a roster but not required to be present for the game. Again, 12 player max.
  • No players are allowed to switch teams at any point of tournament.  May result in the forfeit of that particular game.
  • Teams must make every effort to have matching jerseys with numbers



This is a new event so it will require some understanding from all participants.  There is No Entry fee for teams.  THIS IS A CO-ED event and will have an age restriction.  (many of the rules for the men’s basketball tournament apply):

  • We will limit the number of teams (tbd)
  • AGE LIMIT – games will be limited to players ages 7 – 12
  • May not include “league” play, but single elimination immediately


  • Teams should have at least 1 girl per team
  • Teams must have at least 1 girl playing at all times
  • If a team plays 2 girls, then the opposing team MUST also play 2 girls
  • Teams may have up to 3 girls playing on the court, but in that situation the opposing team may play only 2 girls.



  • Teams will make every effort to have matching jerseys (at minimum same colored shirts)
  • Jersey numbers are NOT required



  • Only team fouls will be kept track of for bonus foul shots



  • 1 per half at all stages


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